Welcome to Spartan Imports

Spartan. The name says it all. When it comes to the outdoor recreation and shooting industry, why wouldn’t you trust the most famous warriors of all time to develop and manage your business? Spartan Imports specializes in airsoft, equipment and gear you need for recreational shooting.
Established as one of the first airsoft distributors in the U.S., Spartan Imports is leading the charge with a new focus and mission.

Our warriors have maintained a repertoire for providing clients with exclusive, high-end airsoft guns and related products. Strategic partnerships have allowed Spartan to become a leader in transnational distribution: Our worldwide footprint is a direct reflection of our ability to continue to provide robust, high-performance, and innovative products in an ever-changing, dynamic market.

Attention to detail sets Spartan Imports apart from the rest. Realism is part of our modus operandi: Fully licensed guns emulate real firearms, making our product line the closest available match to the real thing. Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, but Spartan Imports is more interested in reality, not imitation.


Spartan Imports moved its headquarters to Minneapolis, Minnesota in June of 2015. With an all-new proactive management team comes a new attitude. Its in our blood: Most of our management and sales staff have been involved in the airsoft industry for years, and many participate in airsoft and outdoor shooting regularly. Our interests lie first in growing and nurturing our client base, which is possible through the research and experience we bring to the table as end-users. We have streamlined operations, shipping, and product development initiatives. Spartan Imports is creating guns and gear never before seen, along with customizing airsoft platforms in such a way that translates directly to the wants and needs of our clients.


Spartan Imports. Command. Conquer. Control.